About the Authors

David Bettenhausen
& Carla Bogni-Kidd

Like-Minded Souls

Dave and Carla are like-minded souls. They have been close friends since 1998. The two have a spiritual kinship that has taken them through 29 past lives together.

The story they tell in The Gift of Past Lives with Mother, Isabella, God and Elizabeth aims to liberate people from the traps of conceit, jealousy and selfishness and choose love in all actions.

David Bettenhausen
Dr. Dave serves as the vice president of medical affairs at a small Midwestern hospital. Whether he is at the hospital or his private practice, he daily coaches his patients about their well-being mentally, physically and spiritually. He believes in a holistic approach to life and regularly lectures and conducts discussions with groups of patients and physicians on healthcare. He has a personal interest in the stages of grief with death, dying and spirituality. Before he entered medical school, Dave practiced as a registered nurse for ten years.

After years in private practice as a physician in Ohio, Dr. Dave was approaching personal burnout. He had always valued being a positive example to his patients, and as his life became less joyful, he felt he was no longer doing that. He had weight issues, and his life was spiraling downward. Carla, as his office manager and friend was the vessel that carried Dave to meditation and the ultimate healing of himself. Meditation led both of them to an encounter with a set of wise spiritual beings known as Mother, Isabella, God and Elizabeth, which revealed many past lives to Dave and Carla. Through the insights Dave received during meditation, he underwent a personal transformation and regained his sense of self, which led to a weight loss of 116 pounds. He again found his joy in practicing medicine and with his patients.

Carla Bogni-Kidd
Carla Bogni-Kidd has been on a lifelong journey of spirituality, always seeking her purpose and very often serving as a vessel for others’ journeys. The theme running through her life has been to help others—that is where she feels the happiest.

Carla is quite comfortable speaking with people about their innermost feelings and challenges. Her closest friends have often referred to her as their personal counselor.

Carla and Dave trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Mrs. Carole Weiss at the Omega Institute in New York for formal regression therapy to expand their knowledge and expertise in regression therapy. They have taught meditation at their local university, senior center and various venues.